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Hoshizora Kirara

Close Combat Tanker



To be filled.


Meteor Orbit


Nova Impact

Controls Edit

Arrow Keys - Move
A - Punches the opponent with Dunamiscale Duo. It can chain until 7 hits.
A (Hold) - Hit opponent with Dunamiscale Duo, send them flying
A (Hold) + Up Arrow - hit opponent with Dunamiscale Duo, send them flying above you
A (Hold) + Down Arrow - hit opponent with Dunamiscale Duo, send them flying below you
Z - Hits the opponent with a red energy orb. It can chain up to one hit
Z (Hold) - Nothing
X - Shield
X + Up - Teleport in front of opponent (Must be close)
X + Down - Teleport behind opponent. (Must be close)
C - Dash (Use this with arrow keys to Dash)
Q - Move up
W - Move down
D - Change target (Obviously requires multiple opponents)
S - Charge Stamina Bar.
S + A - Meteor Orbit. Releases her sword and and makes a dash for the targeted enemy. Once Kirara makes contact she sttacks the oppnent in all directions. This is an Instantaneous Skill.
S + Z - Nova Impact. Release a larger version of her ranged attack, causing knockback when Nova makes contact. When charged Kirara will fire two balls.
S + X - Retsukouhan Kanshou (Anti-Nova Buffer). Kirara makes an energy field in front of her, if a melee moves makes contact with the field the enemy will then be countered by a Nova Orb. When fully charged the energy field will cover her entirely rather then just in front of her.
S + C - Burst mode.
S + C + A - Meteor Impact. Forms a large shield in front with Kirara cutting a "star" into the shield. The star is then thrown out in the directing she is facing, causing damage to anyone it touches. The star also become larger as it moves.
S + C + Z - Sarara will appear next to Kirara and fires a purple dart to the enemy. If the dart make contact, an animation will play with Sarara using Luna Flare on the target shooting into Kiraras Anti-Nova Buffer, causing a massive counterattack with high damage. Can only be used on last bar of HP. Only on burst mode.

See also Edit

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