Kirio is a close-range bombardier, a very nice character but kinda difficult to use, he can do very powerful combos and he shoots quite fast, recommended for professionals, and a bit for begginers. He was added in ver Prologue A.


To be filled.

Story BattlesEdit

ROUND 1 : Kirio vs. IkSpiari.

ROUND 2 : Kirio vs. Leafa Clane.

ROUND 3 : Kirio vs. Kyouichi Mamiya.

ROUND 4 : Kirio vs. Lazona Fluss.

ROUND 5 : Kirio vs. Mersa Gloria

FINAL ROUND : Kirio vs. Hoshisaki Ion.


Kirio is very friendly and has a friendship with many characters:

Hoshizaki Ion (Girlfriend).

Claudio Vecela (Teacher).


Leafa Clane.

Raika Mamiya (Treated as a younger sister).


Arrows Up/Down/Left/Right - Movement.

S+NUM2/NUM4/NUM6/NUM8 - Formation Change.

Q - Lock target/Change target.

W - Leave target.

D - Shield.

Z - Jump.

X - Dash/Avoid attack.

S+Z/X/C/V - Taunt/Fill formation bar.

C - Attack with Kirio's sword, can chain up to 5 hits.

C(Hold) - Kirio hits the target with his sword and sends them flying.

C+Up(While getting close to target) - Kirio hits the target with his sword, stunning them.

V - Attack with projectiles from long range, can chain up to 2 hits.

V(Hold) - Kirio hits the target with a large projectile and stuns them.

V+Up(While getting close to target) - Kirio launches a laser, stunning the target (if close).

X+Z+Up/Down - Avoid attack by jumping above the target.

X+Z+Left/Right - Avoid attack by dashing around the target.

Z+Z - Jump and a large dash

Z+Z+C/V - Jump, a large dash and a knock out attack.

A - Activate Overdrive Mode.

NUM5 - Activate Chaindrive Mode.

A(While Overdrive) - Kirio flies very fast that sends the target flying, causing massive damage.

A+NUM5(not at the same time) - Activates Ultimate Mode.

NUM5(While Ultimate Mode) - Kirio launches a projectile to the target if it hits, a scene will play, in which Kirio does a series of slashes to the target, and sends his robots to attack at the target, causing huge damage.

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