Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse is a playable character in Magical Battle Arena, and one of the five starting characters, along with the only character to be released in the demo, along with Takamachi Nanoha.


Lina Inverse comes from the Slayers universe, where she is the protagonist and the main character. Lina, well known for being Dragon Spooker or Bandit killer, is a short sorceress who has mastered the Black Magic. Lina, unlike most protagonists, gets her "reward" by stealing off bandits and mercilessly destroying towns, and will do everything for money.


To be filled.

Controls Edit

Arrow Keys - Move

A - Hit the opponent with a dagger. It can chain until 5 hits.
A (Hold) - Bomb di wind - hit opponent send them flying
A (Hold) + Up Arrow - Mega Brand- hit opponent send them flying above you
A (Hold) + Down Arrow - "You Idiot!" hit opponent send them flying below you
Z - Shoots flare arrow that homes on the opponent. Up to 3 shots in a row (6 in burst mode)
Z (Hold) - Nothing.
X -  Windy Shield
X + W - Teleport in front of opponent (Must be close)
X + Q - Teleport behind opponent. (Must be close)
C - Dash (Use this with arrow keys to Dash)
Q - Move up
W - Move down
D - Change target (Obviously requires multiple opponents)
S - Charge Stamina Bar.
S + A - *Fireball *GuardBreak *Only Usable when fully charged, can be detonated by pressing S + A after shooting *Store
S + Z - *Gaav Flare *GuardBreak *Only Usable when fully charged *Store
S + X - *Van Rehl/ Van Rail *GuardBreak *Only Usable when fully charged *Store
S + C - Talisman Activation - Burst mode.
S + C + A - **Dragon Slave *GuardBreak                                                                                                                                                                                                  

S + C + Z -  ***Laguna Blade, Can only be used on last bar of HP. Only on burst mode.

See also Edit

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