Magical Battle Arena has a built-in Netplay System.

Netplay Edit

There are two methods.

1) Get Hamachi. Edit

Hamachi 2 is unrecommended. Get Hamachi 1.0.3. Download it  here.

Install Hamachi, then press the green power button to sign in. Then on bottom right corner, press the triangle button and press join network.

Join the network that you're closest in terms of region to:

                        Network           Password

West Coast US: MBA West Coast Players | MagicalWest

                         MBA West Coast Players 2    |     LetsPlay

East Coast US: MBA East Coast Players | Lyrical East

                        MBA East Coast Players 2     |     EastPlay

Europe: LynMBA_Europe     |     elyn

             LynMBA_Europe02     |     elyn

MBA EU | Nanoha

Asia: LynMBA_Asia     |     alyn

         LynMBA_Asia02     |     alyn

2) Forward the Port 14500 UDP & TCP. Edit

Host hosts the game, then gives the Client his External IP, which can be found  here.

After that, Client joins using the IP given.

How to Join Edit

First, the host goes on the game and goes to Network. He/she should now be on Network Option.


Host Edit

If you're HOST, put it at following settings:


Client Edit

If you're CLIENT put it at following settings: (IP Address should be changed according to the Host's IP)


Troubleshoot Edit

Q: I get an error message when I try to join.

A: It can be of many reasons.

1) Both (or more) don't have the same version of MBA.

2) You typed in the wrong IP.

3) *When using Hamachi* You did not join the host's network; both the host and client needs to be in the same network.

4) Host did not host yet.

Q: How can I manage Saved IP?

A: Go to your MBA Directory and run MBAConfig.exe. Go to the 2nd tab on the top. You should now be in this:


Q: It lags like hell when I play.

A: This game is unfortunately heavily host based. That means host will never lag and client will receive all the lag. It can be of few reasons:

1) *When using External IP, not Hamachi* One of your (Client/Host) ports is not forwarded. Forward the ports.

2) One of you is using something of high bandwidth, streaming, torrent, downloading, etc.

3) Distance is too great. Fighting East Coast vs Asia gives alot of lag. If you're using Hamachi, make sure the ping of your opponent is 150ms or less.

Further Notes Edit

Unlike other Doujin games, Magical Battle Arena has a specific Lobby in Network Options. That means, host MUST host first before the client can join. If Client tries to join before host hosts into the Lobby, Client will get an error.

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