Nowel Diastasis

Nowel Diastasis is an unlockable character since original Magical Battle Arena, where it requires you to beat story mode with Lulu Gelad to unlock this character.

Long-Range Bombardier


Nowel Diastasis is created by Fly-System as an original character of Magical Battle Arena.


To be filled.

Controls Edit

ArrowKeys - Move

A - Hit the opponent with basic melee. It can chain up to 3 hits.
A (Hold) - hit opponent with staff, send them flying
A (Hold) + Up Arrow - hit opponent with staff, send them flying above you
A (Hold) + Down Arrow - hit opponent with staff, send them flying below you
Z - Shoots a dark orb projectiles that homes on the opponent. It can chain up to 7 hits
Z (Hold) - Nothing.
X - Shield
X + Up - Teleport in front of opponent (Must be close)
X + Down - Teleport behind opponent. (Must be close)
C - Dash (Use this with arrow keys to Dash)
Q - Move up
W - Move down
D - Change target (Obviously requires multiple opponents)
S - Charge Stamina Bar.
S + A - Gravity Mines. Nowel will release 6 Dark Orbs (called "Mines") around her (similair to Sararas Puron Tenkai) has a short delay between charge and release. It can also be charged to release 12 Mines.
S + Z - Dimension Surge. Basic purple laser. The longer its charged, the longer the range
S + X - Bind. Must be charged, can be slotted. Nowel will bind the target leaving them vulnerable to your attacks.
S + C - Burst mode.
S + C + A - Dimension Breaker. Nowel will prepare to charge 4 lasers. After incanting the spell, the 4 lasers will release downward and explode with massive Area of Effect.
S + C + Z - Dimension Mirage. A bind ring will appear around her opponent. Once captured, Nowel's staff will then gain powerful dark attributes and she procedes to slash her opponent away.

See alsoEdit

Lulu Gelad

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